Sunday, April 12, 2015


Today was the Gundica Marjan festival at our local temple. Appropriately, I'm in the process of cleaning house. Yesterday I organized & sorted saris with the help of a close friend. I'm giving away dozens of outfits (again); I feel compelled to change my physical appearance, identity, and style. Not only that, but I feel like the exterior is symptomatic of something I feel deep inside. I'm transforming and undergoing a metamorphosis. I've felt this way a lot this past decade but sometimes I feel like I'm going in circles. (I'm constantly enduring painful growth spurts) Why do I feel this way, even after ten years of conscious endeavor toward growth? I'm starting to feel like there is something I'm missing or skipping. I've been feeling more open and forthcoming lately but I also really raw & emotional. I don't like feeling raw & emotional because it's powerfully overwhelming to me. I find myself feeling insecure at times & when I try to analyze those feelings, I get frustrated or feel self-conscious. What's going on? I suppose the only thing to do is surrender to those emotions and let myself feel them thoroughly. In fact, it may be cathartic to let them pass through me instead of holding back. I'm afraid though, and I'm more afraid of exploring these emotions. I find myself in prayer sometimes, distracted from the external world and begging my Lord and Lady for help.
"My Dear Kalachandji, please help me. 
Nobody can help me but You. 
Save me please, Lord, turn me into one of Sri Radha's loyal maidservants; 
I plead you, place me under Her care. 
O Devi, please guide my heart toward Your lotus feet! 
Please let me surrender to You and no one else. 
I have no other friend, no other shelter and no other recourse,
 but Your service, name, worship, and shelter. 
I beg of You, Goddess, save me from my wretched materialistic desires. 
Prepare me for Your Ladyship's service. You are my only resort."

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