Sunday, September 18, 2011


Today we celebrated our spiritual master's, Srila Bhakti Charu Swami, Vyasa Puja ceremony at home with the help and kindness of a few friends and family. While it was a small program, it was incredibly sweet and fulfilling. We worked throughout the day preparing the prasadam feast, garlands, flowers, cleaning and arranging furniture. My hands were corroded from handling water and garlanding all morning but I enjoyed myself. By evening time, I was incredibly exhausted and ready to crash on the nearest cushioned surface, which just so happened to be the newly placed sofa-bed. I slept for several hours only to suddenly wake up at one a.m. to the call of nature and dying of thirst simultaneously. I drank too much soda, I should know better than that by now. Sheesh!
After Tulasi-arati this morning, Krishna Chandra circumambulated, offered water and obeisances to Srimati Tulasi Devi, then offered flowers to Srila Prabhupada (large painting) and Guru Maharaj (in a smaller, photographic form). He helped me by clipping the roses and leaves for me and placing them into a bowl of water to rinse while I strung two garlands-- a long one for Srila Prabhupada and another for Gurudev. I like remembering September 17 as both Srila Prabhupada's arrival in the West and Gurudev's birthday so I can commemorate them both on the same day... today is a very, very special day for me, for ISKCON. During the daytime, Purandar Acharya and Chandaneśwar prabhus cooked a nice feast, I started cleaning and rearranging furniture once my help was no longer needed in the kitchen.
My bedroom was really messy and untidy, even though I hate to admit it-- I'm glad Chandaneśwar prabhu kept pushing me to clear out the mess before the feast, that way the guests could sit in the room and relax on the couch if the living or dining rooms were too crowded. Unfortunately, I don't live in the mansion I'd like or have an enormous space for accommodating many, many Vaishnavas at once but I pray to Krishna that one day this will be the case. I still have a ridiculous amount of clothing, half of which must be cleared out of my closet... somehow or other. I guess I can always drop it off at the temple and hope someone can use it. I want to rid myself of all my old karmi clothes and start designing and sewing my new wardrobe. I have several fabric bolts sitting in my closet as I type, anxiously awaiting for proper engagement. They whisper sweet-nothings in my ear when no one else is around and the room is quiet enough to hear a pin drop. I wonder if anyone suspects my sewing insanity? I must finish other projects first though including a new Deity outfit in green and magenta pink I've been scheming. We'll see what happens next, it will all come to pass just as the Lord desires.
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