Friday, September 16, 2011

My Final Wish

I wanted to add this tidbit of information about the last couple months of my trips, which are the least journalized. I traveled to Puri Dham where I stayed in Srila Bhaktiratna Sadhu Swami's ashram, then visisted Bhubaneśwar where I stayed with Premananda Prabhu. After that, we made visits to Vrindaban, Ekachakra, Tarapith and Purandar prabhu's village known as Dinajpur or Kaliganj. We returned to Belpukur, our headquarters during the remainder of our stay and participated in the Nabadvip Mandal Parikram and met up with Maharaj and several others during the festival. The past several weeks we spent hanging out with young brahmacharies, they're mostly Bengali, in their twenties and very adventurous. We frequently needed favors and the brahmacharies make very willing errand-boys because they know we'll buy their treats, snacks and other gifts for them. They also sneak us into places we're not usually allowed for a private, VIP tours of places, especially during the Nabadvip Mandal Parikram. They're really kind of wild and get into all kinds of adventures, sometimes I wish I'd been born a male in this wonderful land of Nadia, West Bengal or even anywhere in India. I wish I could relish the excitement and adventure of the brahmachari life too. They're like brothers in saffron and have a bond between them that is richer than blood. I really admire these boys, they're playful, sweet and affectionate just like gentle calves. I really like it when they surround me and call me 'Mataji' or 'Mata' or call out 'Maa' so sweetly and humbly that it just melts my heart. If only I could have such wonderful sons, hundreds of them, to surround me at all times! God, how I miss them. In a way though, they are my sons, brothers, gurus and friends rolled into one; when I think of them tears fill up my eyes. My only misfortune is their absence while I'm away from India, rotting away in the West. The only thing I can do is weep and pray, "Lord, please grant me entrance into Your transcendental abode, Sri Nadia. May I always be surrounded by cows and devotees, near Ma Ganga and able to wander the beautiful transcendental playground of Sri Navadvip Dham. Let me remain near them always and constantly hear the sound of their sweet voices calling out, 'Maa'."
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