Thursday, November 17, 2016

Tolerating Happiness

Yesterday I heard a deafening screeching in my ear. It was the sound of energetic enthusiasm unbounded and unrestrained. I told myself that this too would pass... both happiness and distress are fleeting. Actually, my eagerness and excitement were expected so I knew precisely how to counteract it. Temperance, young grasshopper. I didn't think anyone would understand if I told them that I was tolerating happiness, or my need to do so, and so my mind connected two completely unrelated situations and men to each other. I later confided to one, "This incident reminded me of some words you spoke a while back. I'm tolerating happiness." and he chuckled, nodded and earnestly said, "If Krishna's devotee remembers me, it is to my good credit." I felt closer bonded to him than before. How can you tell someone you love them in so many words? Is that possible?
I believe it is. A simple gesture, glance, or words can have the evocative phrasing and nuance of a finely crafted poem. That isn't to say that he understood the full import of my experience. I can not know for sure, of course, but I don't think he understands how deeply his words moved me or what profound truths were revealed therein. If you ever read this: I love you! 
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