Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Slight Realizations

I'm trying to write things down as I understand or realise them but it is not so easy as I'm not eternally attached to a laptop or journal. Yes, I've been slacking on my diary entries too so I'm trying to concentrate on expressing my thoughts as they manifest.
I have a couple things that occurred to me recently. I was praying for someone in need when I thought, "Why don't I ask the same for myself?" and I immediately replied, "But, I feel blessed and selfless when I practice prayer for others." Continuing on that same thread of thought, I wanted to share a few things that have been etched in my consciousness for a while but just too shy to express fully.

Blessed are those who pray on others' behalf.
Blessed are those who submit their flaws before the Lord.
Blessed are those who bless others wholeheartedly.

Typically, we pray for ourselves and actively practice selfishness before the Lord. We submit our dilemmas to the Lord, hoping He will resolve them for us, and ignore our own faults and shortcomings. We hold back our blessings on others, thinking perhaps that they will succeed where we have failed and wish ill on them out of envy instead. This is the way of immature aspirants and the path to disgrace. I ask the supremely sweet Lord Krishna to please reveal and remove my flaws.

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