Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tritiya-Kumbha Rasi

Today is astrologically significant  because the Sun enters Aquarius and it is tritiya tithi, meaning it is the third day of the new or full moon. Tritiya is a good day to do your beauty treatments or tonsuring, so you you are in need or a trim or manicure, today would be a good day to ensure your hair and nails will grow in stronger. I wanted to decorate my hands or feet with alta today but since it is really rainy and cold over here, I decided to wait until next tritiya. It should be pretty warm by then so I can really go nuts. I oiled and braided my hair with hair decorations and was even considering putting it up into a crown. However, humidity usually makes my hair look frizzy and unkempt so I'll leave it alone. I really need get my feet pedicured in preparation for spring. I've been really neglecting my skin and nails lately because I'm too busy with school and assignments. 
On that note, I'd like to say I am doing pretty good in my classes with 'A's and a high 'B', I'm going to refrain from beating myself up over that 'B' and instead reward my hard work with a relaxing spa day. :)
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