Monday, February 4, 2013

Nothing To Do With The Superbowl

It's been about a week since my last update and today I have a ton of homework to do so I'll make it quick.
Our essays sucked apparently so badly that our teacher handed them all back without grading them, giving us the opportunity to go over them once more. This is probably the one and only opportunity I will get in that class to screw something up and here I was under the impression that my essay was well written.
So we've established that I'm delusional, but to add to that point, I got sick on Friday and went to the doctors office at the very faintest symptom of an infection hoping that if I caught it early enough, I wouldn't get sick or at least avoid the full blown symptoms. Didn't I say I was delusional? Over the weekend I've taken the antibiotics and rinsed the hell out of my nasal passages with warm saline, gargled warm saline even rinsed my face with warm saline hoping any pathogens would be eliminated. This morning, exhausted but not sick enough to justify sleeping in, I drove my way through a labyrinth of morons in a haze. Somehow I didn't kill anyone, thankfully, remained pretty lucid throughout classes and one of my teachers remarked that I "wasn't being a zombie" so that's a plus. All this and more without the help of any antihistamines, decongestant or pain reliever. I'm going to need a ton of pro-biotics. Now I'm going to study for my upcoming tests and re-write that garbage I handed in.
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