Sunday, January 27, 2013


I know I said I'd make a commitment to write once a week if all possible. I didn't blog this week because I was too excited to start studying. I am really proud of myself, instead of slacking off the first week and taking it easy, I decided to review introductory chapters and reviews to get a head start. The objective being that if I hit a stumbling block, at least I won't fall behind, rather, I can take my time and absorb information without having to rush or feel pressured to catch up with the rest of my peers. I know I thought Learning Framework was going to be a decidedly easy class, however, I found that I'm looking forward to sitting in my Algebra and Writing classes instead. I already finished Chapter 0 and I have to say that the introduction to Bloom's Taxonomy and Stage Theory made my head spin. What the hell does "thinking about thinking" or "thinking about your way of thinking" mean? I already think too much and over-analyze everything. Does that mean that perhaps this class will teach me how to manipulate those thinking processes to my learning advantage? Or does it mean that I will overwhelm myself, yet again? And yes, I almost forgot 'intellectual humility'.

Feel free to cuss me out. I'll try to get back on topic during my next post. Strictly DIY sewing and crafting. Maybe a recipe or two. Has anyone tried the homemade sugar wax? If so let me know how it's working by commenting on that post here. I know it's a trial and error process so everyone will develop a wax of varying consistency and efficacy. I'll answer relevant questions so don't feel shy to ask!
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