Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Break

These past couple of weeks have been hectic but enjoyable. Krishna Chandra is out of school and summer break is officially here. We had plans to visit New Orleans Temple and Murari Sevak Farm but it seems plans are changing every minute. There is talk of North Carolina and the pristine beaches therein, I might not even come back if the conditions are favorable! :)

Kefir is an unusual thing around here, not a lot of people know about it except for foreigners and health-conscious folk. The only available kefir here is kind of expensive, going about four dollars a quart at places like Whole Foods, never in my life did I imagine that kefir was simple to make at home, without any special methods or tools necessary. Last week a friend of the family very generously gave me some of his kefir grains and so I started making my own at home. I don't need anything except for glass or plastic utensils, most of which I already have-- we cook a lot! I've made several batches but I threw the first couple batches out. It takes a while for the grains to adjust so the kefir isn't exactly at its best quality though still drinkable. I tasted the first few batches and it was way too strong for me so I poured it outside. The last  few batches are getting better and better, eventually I'll have my ratios down and my health will be in a better place. Practice makes perfect!

This past week we were blessed with the association of great Vaishnavas-- Srila Giriraj Swami, Srila Rtadhvaja Swami and Srila BV Madhava Swami came through here one after another. It was like waves of nectar inundated the environment; one after another nectar waves crashed upon the shore leaving wonderfully beautiful memories behind! I had a break-through during one of Madhava prabhu's kirtans, I finally got a tiny, itty-bitty taste of the Holy Name and now I have a desire to explore the Holy Name more sincerely. 

An urgency has been aroused in me that I can not control; it's as if I have a hunger or craving for something delicious but unlike material indulgences, this deliciousness is ever-increasing and good for the soul. Please Krishna help me find the way to ruchi, bhava, and finally prema. Dear wish-fulfilling Vaishnavas, please bless and pray for this wretched soul that she may find her way to her desired goal! Oh dearest Bhakti-pradayini Devi! Srimati Vrinda Devi, please help me, I have no other shelter but You! You are the Goddess of my heart, the Mistress of my very life, please instruct me and guide me toward prema bhakti.
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