Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Today we joined our jogging partners on the trail; Krishna Chandra stayed at the park with his friends while we ran and the daddies stayed behind to keep an eye on them. I have to say, it's nice to get away from the family once in a while and get some alone time. I wasn't exactly alone, my jogging partner and I were yakking on about everything under the sun and some landscapers were on the trail for grounds maintenance. I saw a coyote on our way back. I'm certain it was coyote but she doesn't believe it. I'm thinking of taking my camera next time to take photos like I used to do before. Then I can definitively prove it was a coyote, not that I want to confront the damn coyote anyhow.

Good news! I have improved my kefir brew. I started adding an extra two cups of milk to the bowl of kefir grains and it has developed into a perfectly balanced tart and smooth concoction. I really like this kefir because it's milder than the first batches but still has a little kick. And we have frickin' ton of it. :D Chandaneswar loves kefir, he drinks about two cups a day. It's so creamy and thick! I still can't believe it was so easy to make all along. I feel like a preacher going on and on about kefir and it's glories. It's delicious and I don't have trouble digesting spicier foods when I drink a glass of kefir an hour or more after dinner. I still stay away from oily and rich subjis but it's nice to eat a cheese quesadilla and not get a sore throat and mucous the next morning.

So, these are two activities that have worked their way into my daily routine along with morning Deity worship, cooking and offerings, a midday nap and my evening devotional reading and journaling.
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