Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Up, Up and Away

Today I've started working a new project for the winter season. I figured that if I started them now I'll have them finished by next week or week after in time for the cold and rainy season. Also, I've been knit stitching a scarf for my husband but it's taking a long time, as scarves tend to do, and he's asked me to give up on it. I think I have a better chance of just half double crocheting a scarf all the way and making it bulky using double strands. We'll see. In the meantime, I'm going to work on my sock skills. Knee socks are next on my to-do list.  The tunisian-broomstick lace scarf is kinda almost finished, I haven't worked on her since last week. Probably. I think. I'll try and get in a few rows today. God I hate the material body, I can only crochet so much in a day before my hands get tired or stiff and I have to remember to drink and eat at the appropriate times, go to the bathroom, wrist exercises etc. Why is it such a hassle to maintain the body? Why can't it be simple? Anyhow... I have to remember to do these things or my husband will kill me; okay, yell at me and possibly slap me really hard on the face. Okay, he'll just roll his eyes in contempt, but, isn't that exceedingly violent? You have no idea what he puts me through. ::sigh::

I made a dress using Simplicity SewSimple pattern E1988 and a lavender/purple synthetic sari. I want to make my own full slip to use as a lining, though, I won't be able to wear it at the temple or during winter, unless I wear thermal leggings or thigh high leg-warmers too. LEG-WARMERS! I need to put those on my list too along with garter belts to hold them up. Winter is great for crochet and knit projects, you can get really creative. Summer and spring is nice too, bikinis, beach bags, sun-hats, ahhh. I'll remember to photograph my projects so you can see what progress I've made so far.

Today I forgot to do my pranayam/yoga in the morning, well, actually I was a little rushed. I didn't wake up until six am and got into the shower late. I needed to prep the offerings, bathe, dress and decorate the Deities with about half an hour left before Krishna Chandra woke up. Luckily he woke up late too, everything else was on time but I had to sacrifice my yoga until after shopping this morning. I feel better now, I did bhastrika, agnisarkriya and anulom vilom but no yoga or stretches but I think I can get it in this afternoon. I'll just turn on a DVD and get it done before I flip out and murder someone again. Don't ask. Okay he was a fly but he was really pissing me off, I was trying to finish my drink and watch a movie but he kept interrupting with his buzzing.

Yesterday I was feeling anti-social and lonely and down and moody etc so I pushed myself out of my shell and tried to socialize with humans a little bit but didn't help much, eh. Whatever. I still feel a little bit of the blues coming on but I figured that if I listen to enough White Album, maybe it will pass. No? It'll cause instances of madness and even homicidal rage?
Okay, Eagles it is, I guess.
I gotta split. No, that would be painful!
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