Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cooking with Cassandra

Yesterday, Cassandra and I got dressed and decorated, and along with Krishna Chandra went to the temple to celebrate Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Prabhupada's Appearance Day. After kirtan, dancing and prasadam we went out on some errands and shopping. While we were at Newflower Farmers Market, she asked my husband and I to teach her cooking and recipes etc. Of course my husband jumped at the opportunity, we gathered some last minute supplies and headed home. Later, after arriving home we (mainly prabhu) coached her through dinner. I merely prepped(about ten mins.), making the puree and chopping the potatoes etc. She prepared a marvelous dish, chickpea and potato subji with fresh whole-wheat puris. For garnish you can add chopped green chiles and cilantro, I passed on the chiles! :D

After offering everything to Krishna, we sat down and took prasadam together, it was actually one of the best chickpea subjis I've ever had, of course she had a wonderful teacher too!

Oh, I wanted to add another photo of Cassandra's feet, sorry I won't put my own up because her feet look much better than mine. Earlier, before heading to the temple, we decorated our feet with alta.

Alta is a red dye that Bengali women wear on their feet; it is out-dated now but some ladies still wear it on special occassions. Actually, I was really surprised when Cassandra asked me to paint alta on her feet because usually women don't show any interest in traditional decoration and make-up.
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