Thursday, January 7, 2010


Streams of tears run from  my eyes… when I think of how deceitful I have been to myself, to others and ultimately to the Lord Himself. Dear Sri Guru, Please bestow Your blessings upon me, so that I may finally, ultimately find shelter at Your Lotus Feet! I have meaninglessly wasted innumerable lifetimes on greedy, lusty, and egoistic engagements. Alas! I have wasted my entire life! Let me use whatever remainder of this useless body, and life, for You and only You! Please! I am begging You… as sincerely and earnestly as I know how. I am a poser, pretender, a fraudulent usurper—help me, Prabhu! I have undoubtedly become increasingly attached to this worthless material body—despite the fact  that it is full of misery, distress, and suffering! It is a worthless sack of skin and bones and yet, rotting as it were, I cannot bring myself to give it up—I still identify it with my own existence.

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