Saturday, September 3, 2011

Amar Sudhu Pakhar Haowah

I wanted to narrate a funny story my father-in-law told me, it's in Bengali but I've translated it into American English to be more understandable. It's about a sneaky disciple who engages his Guru's last dime in his own service.  Gosai is short for 'Goswami' or master of the senses. Thakur means 'Lord' or 'Master', these are reverential titles awarded to spiritual masters. When the spiritual master visits the disciple's home, it is customary to offer him worship, service, sanctified foods, clothes, flowers, garlands and money in a pleasing way.

One fine morning a guru arrived at the home of his sisya; the disciple was very elated to see his spiritual master after a long absence. "O' Thakur, please come inside!" he invited the Gosai in and with all hospitality offered him a seat and refreshments. The disciple spoke, "Gosai, please take your bath while I go to market and prepare you a nice feast! I will personally make all the arrangements." While Thakur Gosai changed into his towel, the disciple slipped into his Gurudev's wallet and took all the cash. Happily, the disciple headed off to market to procure the ingredients for a fine feast, garlands, flowers, incense and new clothes and spent every last rupee. Upon his return he toiled over the stove and prepared a wonderful meal, delicious sweets and refreshing drinks. Meanwhile, Gosai returned fresh and smiling from his bath in the sacred Ganga; the disciple seated Thakur Gosai, offered him new silk clothes, currency, opulent worship and prasad. After enjoying the magnificent meal, Thakur Gosai reclined in his seat while his faithful disciple fanned him with a huge peacock feather fan. Appreciating such devoted service, Gosai praised his disciple, "My dear disciple, I am very pleased and flattered by your loving acts of devotion. You offer me your home, food, money, and hard work; everything you have engaged in my service. You are indeed a very dedicated disciple." Speaking in this way the Guru beamed with love, understanding to have acquired a magnanimous student by the favor of Divine Grace. The disciple very humbly spoke, 

"Only the fan's breeze is my own."
"গোসাই, সাব কিছু আপনার, আমার সুধু  পাখার হাওয়া." 
"My Lord, everything belongs to you, I am simply fanning you."

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