Monday, September 12, 2011

Arrival and Relief

Journal entry from our trip to Puri Dham

The train trip to Puri was a total train wreck. The train was running late, the AC broke down in our compartment and we had to move into a different car... but we arrived safely. An hour before our arrival, Maharaj called to confirm with us our arrival time and compartment number, we had prasadam and a room waiting for us at the ashram. I was completely relieved simply by the thought of honoring some prasadam. When we arrived at the platform a devotee in plain clothes greeted us from behind calling, "Madri devi dasi?" he hired an auto-rickshaw for us and we took another trip to the ashram.
Finally, we arrived at the ashram, freshened up, had our dinner and chatted away with Maharaj. The facilities were excellent, a beautifully furnished room with internet access, a TV and devotional DVDs for Krishna Chandra; we had everything we could possibly need including pitchers of purified, filtered water and khari maha-prasad from Jagannath-dev.
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