Thursday, September 15, 2011

Real Men Eat Plants

Yesterday I finally got around to watching the movie my husband has been nagging me about for the past two or three weeks. I knew it was about vegetarianism and the serious health complications from eating meat, but he didn't explain to me how awesome it truly was. There are clinical studies and research attached to the fact that plant-based diets are healthy for everyone and can even reverse health problems. To this day, whenever we tell someone that we're vegetarians, they ask ridiculous questions like "What do you eat? How do you get your protein? Are you sure you're getting enough vitamins and nutrients without meat? etc." and it infuriates me. Meat doesn't have nutrients because its dead and decomposed by the time it reaches your body, whatever nutrients were there are now gone and what remains when you consume it doesn't get digested or ever make their way into your bloodstream because your stomach doesn't have the acids necessary to fully digest it in the first place. Really what you're doing is consuming rotten flesh that continues to decompose inside your body and release toxins into your blood. I promised I would try to stay positive this week, even if it kills me, so I'll change the subject and not rant. Just try and watch this movie, Forks Over Knives, it will change your outlook about Vegetarianism (if you're not already Vegetarian) or at least add to your knowledge regarding the benefits of it. Now on to the next topic.

Krishna Chandra has been home with a cough these past three, now four, days; I'm feeding him homeopathic medicine to help him out a bit. He seems to be improving but not enough to send him to school yet. I wonder how long this will continue and how long before he doesn't want to return to school at all. Everyday he wakes up, prepares for school and tells me he's ready to go back... I almost agree with him until I hear that horrible cough. His chest is congested but he's just not coughing up any of it. So far I finished a container of bryonia alba 30c, then, we bought some homeopathic cough syrup yesterday morning at Sunflower farmers market. Despite the fact that its made with honey with no artificial flavors, colors, smells, weird grainy textures and a hellish after-taste like other 'normal' cough medicines and is helping him a lot, he always refuses to cooperate and whines about taking it. I tasted some of it and I have to say, Krishna Chandra complains way too much. I would be really damn happy and with no complaints if my mommy was feeding me this deliciously sweet concoction every couple of hours. 

This morning ChandaneĊ›war prabhu was looking through the refrigerator and saw my box of henna/mehendi sitting there untouched for ages and asked me why I haven't managed to use it up already. I told him nobody seemed interested in getting their hands hennaed or can't sit still long enough for me to practice on them. He replied, "Then use it on yourself! Draw henna on your hands, feet... and keep drawing [on yourself] until you run out of space!" I giggled and realised that it had been too long since I sat down and played with my cones so today I'm going to practice on myself, then husband and eventually Krishna Chandra. He usually likes when I draw cute things on his hands or feet. Mainly he prefers small flowers, nothing gaudy, just simple things like that. ChandaneĊ›war usually falls asleep so I get time to draw on him more and usually manage to make a Lord Jagannath on his shoulder or back while he's knocked the &#$^ out. Its funny because he doesn't realise it's there until I point it out to him. He loves Lord Jagannath, he even wanted to get a Jagannath tattoo on his shoulder but.. here's some sexist double standard for you... he won't let me get a tattoo or any body piercing that isn't on my ears or nose. Of course... I don't really wear much jewelry so its not like I would take full advantage of the opportunity anyway. Plus, I like my simple golden septum ring and diamond nose-stud, they make me very happy.
Happy Henna-ing! 
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