Friday, September 16, 2011

Next to Nothing

These few posts are back-dated journal entries from my trip to India. I will try my best to keep them in order.. as much as possible.
Today I went to the market with my Didi and shuddered when she asked Rs. 100 for a kilo of apples. Funny how easily we adjust to foreign prices even after just a few weeks. No, the apples weren’t a hundred rupees; she only asked for a hundred rupee note because she knew it was the smallest bill in my purse. I reflected upon my reaction and laughed at myself on the way home. “Sixty means about one dollar and fifty cents… that’s damn cheap for a kilo of apples. ”

On Monday we ventured off to the Big C for my dentist appointment. Okay, I’m sure nobody else calls it that but I figured if Dallas is the Big D then Calcutta should be the Big C. While in Kolkata, I decided to kill two birds with one stone so to speak… FYI I don’t kill birds. Chandaneswar prabhu gave me a list of music shops and we shopped for my new harmonium. Now that I have an instrument, I’m ready to start my lessons. I’m really excited and can’t wait. I still haven’t purchased a mrdanga but I appease myself by practicing the mantras on my knees. Realizing that it is all the Lord’s arrangement, I pray to Lord Balaram to manifest Himself into a drum and allow me His divine association. I’m planning to give some lakshmi to my drum teacher so he can purchase a nice mrdanga for me from Navadvip himself, this way at least I know I won’t be cheated by the vendors.
I’m ever restless in this country. It seems that Time is slipping away so quickly and yet everything and everyone moves so slowly. Every minute is a valuable moment lost forever to all eternity. I’ve been here a month but I feel as if I’ve wasted precious time of my life doing jack-shit. What is there to do in India anyway, right? My sewing master is going to come more often after Kali-puja when his workload is less. I have never seen the actual Kali-puja and I’m a bit curious to see. We’ll see what happens next.
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