Sunday, October 11, 2015

Begging Forgiveness

Oh Govinda! I am a monster in disguise,
A wolf in sheep's clothing,
An unscrupulous charlatan 
Deceiving the ignorant and innocent masses! 
Where have I gone wrong, Thakur?
Where, specifically, did I fall from Your Grace?
My Lord, I beg Your forgiveness,
Give me hope that I can rectify my senseless actions.
Show me the way out of this abyss!
I've stooped so low and become so degraded
That, at times, I hardly recognize my own self.
Is it possible, my Sweet Govinda, to do any worse harm than this?
It is better, by far, to die and quit this wretched body
Than commit such a senseless act of spiritual suicide.
What becomes of this lowly beggar? 
Madri begs Grace and Compassion from You and Yours!
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