Monday, May 11, 2015

I'd Like To Say

I've spent my entire weekend reading, writing, and revising my psychology paper about correlational studies on anxiety disorders and suicidal ideation and suicide attempts. While i thought the information shows an overwhelming correlation between baseline anxiety disorder and suicide risk, I also felt that there needed to be more research on comorbidity within anxiety, mood, substance abuse, and personality disorder because comorbid disorders show the highest risk for suicidal behavior and strongest correlation in suicide attempts. Only about 10% of suicides are attributable to anxiety disorders, but this number is still significant. This is to say the research is invaluable, but moreover I think there should be further studies researching specific anxiety symptoms, cognitions, and behaviors, so clinicians would better serve their patients in managing and treating their disorders.
Another thing, PTSD has the strongest correlation to suicide risk, and this should be another longitudinal study in itself due to the high volume of veterans returning home from the war. There will be ample populations to study, and if comorbidity is present, researchers to focus on finding specific blah blah blah. My brain has shut off.
On another note, psychological autopsies should be improved, there needs to be a more effective method of quantifying the percentage of anxiety-related suicides, and investigating the mechanisms of anxiety symptoms and their effect on sufferers.
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