Sunday, December 9, 2012

Nothing To It

Today I finally checked my Intense Debate account and moderated the one comment in my moderation folder. One, single, lonely comment. How sad. Can you hear the crickets chirping over there as loudly as they are here? Though my blog views aren't sky-rocketing and I'm not getting a million comments here, I still want to write stuff. It doesn't have to be groundbreaking or introspective or emotionally revealing... blah blah blah. I may have set some precedents here that I'm not necessarily comfortable with all the time. I realise I haven't written anything in a while and there's good reason for it.
Well, I've been trying to get my shit together. Really and truly. So, there isn't any drama or projects or breaking news or tragedy to share but that's a good thing. The most tragic thing that happened to me recently was that I got sick and then my kid got sick. I took him to the doctor and then we had to wait a really long time to fill his prescription. I couldn't remember to take my own medicine, let alone be responsible for another living being. Complete and utter misery, I know.
I need my eyes examed soon. I'm starting classes this spring semester and I'm  ready for this next phase of my life. I'm not jubilant, I mean, it's not gushing out from my every pore but I'm happy with my life. Satisfied. But that's about it... don't ask me specifics about my education because I don't have a damn clue. Don't you dare ask me what I'll study or what majors I'm considering because I'm not even ready to be tied down yet! I'm heading in the general direction of my goal and that's sufficient for now-- Arts. Sciences has too much mathematics for me. Not that I hate Math but I don't LOVE Math. Me and Math aren't gonna get hitched or move in together and have a bunch of rug-rats out of wedlock. Math is more of an acquaintance of mine... we're not even that close anymore. I don't even feel like striking up polite conversation with Math. We just leave each other the hell alone. It's awkward when we see each other and there isn't a third party to act as a social buffer. Especially in lonely corridors. : \
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