Saturday, July 28, 2012

Shraddha samskar

I'm so exhausted from running, shopping, cooking, organizing, socializing and feasting that I hardly have the energy to stand. I just wanna go to my room and immerse myself in ruffles and possibly prameya-tattva, if I feel up to the intense mental strain. Everything else can go away until I come out of my cloister. Another feast is said and done and I have to say it was a huge success. My dear god-brothers are an inspiration and performers of great feats. Sripati prabhu and Srivas prabhu cooked, Sundar Gopal prabhu preformed the fire sacrifice, Divya Ratna prabhu yakked on the phone incessantly and Chandaneswar prabhu barked out orders to everyone like nobody's business. They were in and out of here like a special weapons and tactics team of culinary sciences and so forth. Now Dallas is bereft of the clamoring from this weekend. Many devotees arrived on the bus tour; talented, charming and humorous youth from all over North America came. We were fortunate enough to serve them prasadam during the lunch feast in honor of Purandar Acharya Prabhu's deceased father. Surely serving so many devotees during his shraddha ceremony will be to his spiritual benefit, I can only pray the Lord will shelter him now. I really wish I had spent more time with them when I visited, not only was the environment ideal, pristine and serene but the villagers were by far the humblest, most hospitable and honorable people I've encountered. I want to go back there right now. I feel comfortable and at home with Purandar's family, they are incredibly sweet and loving, it's hard not to feel like you've found yourself among old friends.I have just one meditation aside from living in the holy places, I know of no better abode within this material sphere. I will make sure to spend more time in their village on my next trip to India. God, I miss India.
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