Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nature Trail

Krishna Chandra's eyes are better but he got sick over the weekend with a cough and fever. Something reassuring: Krishna Chandra's doctor advised us to use duct tape on his wart. Apparently the wart will not be able to breathe and slowly shrink away. Duct tape fixes everything. I kept him home yesterday so he could rest up and recover. I stayed up all night with him because he had a fever, exhausted and weakened from sleep deprivation, I finally broke down and got sick myself. I went to the doctor first thing in the morning yesterday and he said I had strep throat. Oh happy day! Luckily, I caught it really early. I'm very sensitive and aware of my body so I knew something was wrong that night, I gargled with peroxide but I think that only made the streptococcus angry. I forget the full name, don't ask me. I'm taking my antibiotic course carefully so I can get over this bug as quickly as humanly possible. We went for a brisk walk this morning and it was nice, we didn't jog but that's fine, I don't want to stress my body these next few days. I couldn't go out yesterday but at least I got plenty of sleep. I saw a dead lizard on the trail this morning, it's  gross but it's a valid memory nonetheless. I saw a gorgeous blue jay, a cottontail rabbit and another red bird, it might have been a woodpecker but I'm not sure, his head was red but he was too far away for me to get a good look at his body or any patterns. I should probably invest in a good pair of binoculars. It would be especially useful when I'm in India since I love spying on the neighbors. It helps that we have a second-story roof and balcony where I can chill out with a bowl of mangoes and watch all the commotion. The other night (same night KC had a fever and I had the tingling, itchy throat sensation) someone got pulled over in front of my house and I nearly ripped the blinds from their holder trying to see what the hell was going on over there. Some dude, two cops, no arrests. Blah. Boring. I found out my neighbor waters his lawn at night, I wonder if that's why his lawn looks so great? I've been watching a very interesting television series called The Colony and I can't stop but it's alright because Chandaneswar is sleeping, the chores are done, Krishna Chandra is in school and I managed to clean the whole house, well, most of it. Krishna Chandra's room still needs some spring cleaning and re-arranging but that can wait until next week. It's not urgent. I'm planning to move the formal couch into my room and put the sofa-bed in his room so he can nap in there during the afternoons and whatnot, host his little friends and watch movies.. I can't wait until summer, I'm gonna bust outta here as soon as I can. God, Dallas drives me nuts.
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