Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Secret

Isn't it strange how, sometimes, you'd much rather talk to yourself than interact with other human beings? I don't know but I feel that they're increasingly irritating to deal with, especially since Kali-yuga makes them more and more bereft of intelligent thought. The other day someone asked me a question and I gave my honest and open answer, the repetitive, 'Practice, practice, practice.' answer. I remember thinking, "Again with this question? Does she think I'll give a different answer each time? Does she think I have a top-secret formula I'll divulge with repeated interrogation? She must have asked me a half dozen times already." 
It seems like common sense to me, why is it so hard to understand? If you want to improve on something, you practice it again and again. You have to make a habit of it daily, repeat the process exactly the same way each time, show up on time and set yourself on a schedule. It can apply to a whole world of things. Do you want to learn to play an instrument? Study a foreign language? Improve your skill-set? Change your entire lifestyle? The answer is always the same: Practice! Set goals. Scrutinize yourself. That's it, that's my "secret".
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