Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bagpipes and Fiddles

Krishna Chandra woke up with pink eye on Tuesday morning and I thought it would clear up by now; this morning, he woke up with swollen, red eyes and I decided to take him down to the doctor. As I suspected, he needed antibiotics, we were out all day at the doctor and pharmacy but drops have already eased some of the inflammation and discharge so I'm happy. I hope he's feeling better soon. Poor thing was crying last night because his eyes were itchy and he wanted to scratch them so badly. I have never seen anyone wriggle around the bed like that before! It was as if he bad ants in his britches, it was kinda funny but don't tell him I said that because he'll get mad at me. So, I let him listen to some fiddle music on my iPhone (yes, I listen to fiddlers) and he seemed to really like it so I kept clicking on more videos to keep him satisfied and distracted while we were shopping. He was swaying around to the music in the shopping cart the whole time! A couple songs later, I recognized a tune as 'The Gael' and we were fascinated with Gaelic music all afternoon. It was nice to find something else we had in common.. It's not everyday you find out your child is keen toward bagpipes and fiddles. Yes, I'm counting this as a 'win'.
I want to watch The Last of the Mohicans just to hear that beautiful violin again. Or, I could just sit on YouTube all day and listen to it again and again and again. Alas, I only like one violinist's version on there, her name is Jenny O'Connor and she's from Texas (as most great musicians tend to be). No, I'm not much of a music snob, though I call myself that, I'll listen to pretty much anything... but I am a Texan snob. 
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