Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Pencil skirt and blouse in gauze.
I finished a couple projects and wanted to photograph my work so I could share with you. I started a pencil skirt recently because I wanted a little change in my wardrobe and I thought a fitted
short skirt would be a pleasant change. The blouse is a little big, though; I measured everything generously but neglected to look over the finished garment sizes. Apparently, the garment has a lot of ease designed into it already, so I ended up with a blouse two sizes too big and I had to take it in. I still have to do some adjustments but I'll make sure to look over my patterns more carefully next time. Maybe I'll wrap it up and give it to my sister or mom. :)

I finished the first of Autumn Reflections doily, it's beautiful; now that I know the pattern, I want to start making several and piece them together. Chandaneswar requested that I give the first one to Srila Prabhupada, for his table. I'm weaving the ends and blocking as we speak. The written pattern is available at this site, you can check it out for yourself!

Close-up of Autumn Reflections
Well, that's all I wanted to write about today. Chandaneswar prabhu has been suggesting several documentaries for me to watch lately, I thought that all this sitting should do some good, so I started crocheting or sewing while I watch. The result is that I have successfully multi-tasked my way into several new outfits. Hurray. The weather has been really nice, during the Ram Navami festival, the kids had a little carnival, you can check out more photos of the fun games and crafts they did at my online album. Beautiful Garden, Spring Carnival, Ram Nauvami.

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