Saturday, October 1, 2011

Scribe Fail

I wanted to experiment with the lastest tool in Blogger draft, a little something for those of you who have not already done so and others who just like to screw around with people. I wondered if it was anything like what Blogger said it was, staring at a blank screen and not having a clue what to write about. Let Scribe feed your dog (scribe did that). Scribe is alright, if you're super lazy and have no creativity. I went ahead and wrote down a few words that came to mind and let Scribe take over.. as much as possible. These are the results:

  • feminists have been very happy with the results of  I'm not sure if it is not a valid stream resource in December. We have a lot of people are not aware of any other person or entity that is not the case for the other two are the same as the one in the same way as the first step in the right direction for the future of the country and the world of the living room and dining room with a view to the sea and from the fact that the two features of four cases this was not the first time for the  first time ever. 

Okay, enough about the subject. Scribe finished that sentence for me, kinda; you have to really push it in the right direction.

  • women in the United States and Canada for the first time in the history of the birth of baby Jesus in the first century AD has been held that the action  of the air and shit... scribe runs out of suggestions. 
  • food and beverage service and have a good time last night and she was not sure if she was still in school and incorporate the latest features and functionality of the system and the way we do with what you want to be here know how to navigate the new world order. As you can readily see Scribe is great at completing your thoughts.
  • text messaging is a new and exciting products on the net and found this site available to, whatever, man, if this was a real scribe, in would have had him beheaded by now.
  • stealing shit is fun, I guess I enjoy the adventure of travel of strip-mall locations. Blegh, are you having as much fun as me?
  • awkwardness in relationship, it's not alright to come over and call me and think its all water under the bridge because we caught up over the phone a few times and SHIT. If we were cool, I would have said, "We're cool." Do you think you can come  up with a new tool for the job? Because scribe is driving me crazy. 
  • positive female role models are necessary in life and are not readily available in all the other countries or in the case of the first class of the day. Wow, this is ridiculous and a waste of time. 
  • drama-based training and that's it folks, scribe fell asleep at the wheel. 

 If this was a long-haul trucker, our goods and brains would be splattered all over the interstate by now. Moral of the story: don't let the computer take over. Have fun with your whatever it is that you enjoy.

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