Monday, October 17, 2011

Practice Makes Perfection

Today I had a super busy day today, woke up early to practice and headed to the DMV; as it turns out I'll have to wait in line again tomorrow. I didn't eat a proper lunch and was so disappointed that we stopped in at a friends house to visit. After a short nap, I felt refreshed and my husband and I went shopping for groceries, went home, cooked and took prasad. He's finally sleeping now. I couldn't finish my apron as I had planned for today, hopefully tomorrow everything will be wrapped up and I can move on to the next phase: transferring Tulasi devi indoors, planning Krishna Chandra's birthday party and our annual trip to New Orleans Ratha Yatra. I can't wait for the trip, the party, festivals and Karttik end, though I have to say, my vows are something that I pleasantly look forward to each day. During pranayam and yoga in the early morning hours, I re-commit myself to each one and meditate on ways to release myself from material conditioning and attachment. Krishna is very merciful, when I am satisfied, I remember Him easily and continue my daily services pleasantly and when my mind is terribly disturbed by material nature and I find it increasingly unbearable to withstand another moment, I remember Him even more in that wretched weakness.
Giriraj is very charming and gorgeously dressed in His opulent silk outfits with lovely flower garlands hanging around His neck.

I uploaded photos of Giriraj for you all to take darshan.  I still have those garlands, I'm drying them out in my temple room now. I laughed really hard when Nitai Chand told me, "You see, even if you're not here you have to serve Giriraj somehow or other. If He wants seva from you, you can't escape it." as I arranged the flower vases, indicating as he so often does that Giriraj is very particular about his sevaks. I guess he's under the impression that I moved out in order to escape my service to Giriraj but he must know, deep inside, that I just hated living in that dilapidated old hole-in-the-wall. This place is much more structurally sound, though there is less privacy and interior space, I prefer it this way.

Sri Giri-Govardhan is always surrounded by lovely cows. 

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