Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pray for Each Other

Today I realised that I often pray for the well-being of others over my own. Sometimes I think it's a bad quality and I question this habit, thinking, it's better to save yourself first whereby you'll be empowered to help others. Simply put, I'm tired of that mentality.... I've seen plenty of devotees and would-be devotees go astray from the line of devotional service because they were neglected or abused in some form or another. In ISKCON particularly, I see others feel left-out or unappreciated, looked-over and finally they leave the association of devotees and ISKCON forever. Rarely, those devotees continue their spiritual lives and even flourish, which is great... but the ABCs of spiritual life include nourishing and fulfilling relationships with other spiritual aspirants. It's just not a risk I like to take with anyone, myself included. If you know someone out there who needs help, in any way, materially or spiritually, try to understand them and help them out in some way. It's the only thing that will keep quality individuals in our society and maintain an equilibrium of loving devotion towards the Lord and each other. Remember to chant Hare Krishna for that soul, I always ask others to chant and pray for me as well. Radhe Radhe!
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