Monday, April 18, 2011


Today I woke up really late and therefore rushed my morning puja in order to catch up to my normal schedule. Lately, I've been feeling really tired and exhausted throughout the day. What I lack is restful sleep; I'll start going to sleep earlier from today so my body gets more recuperative sleep and I don't wake up feeling exhausted and drained of energy. One good thing, except for today, I have kept to my schedule and risen early every morning. I get time to peacefully chant, read and practice in my leisure time, in the late morning and early afternoons. I know my body is just complaining because it isn't adjusted as of yet but with determination I know I can train my body to adjust quickly and make progress with the new timetable.
Also, I have been really lazy and stopped exercising altogether. I think the lack of physical exertion also adds to my laziness and lethargy. While in India, I told myself I would work in some pranayam and yoga into my daily routine to help steady my mind in Krishna Consciousness but I still have to follow through.
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