Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sringar and Strange Dreams

I wanted to share the mehendi and alta designs that I completed today.
Last night I felt a little restless and started doodling along my hand.

 Unfortunately, the paste was too thin for the cone tip size, so the lines were as not sharp or controlled as I like. Still, the design is pretty good for the quality paste I made.
 Today, I wanted to decorate my feet as well, and since the mehendi was being finicky, I decided to use alta on them. I did simple vines on the toes, petals around the ankles and a heart in the middle. Originally, I planned to draw a paan leaf, however, my brushes were too thick for the fine line work necessary for detailed artwork.

The past couple of nights I have been having strange dreams that wake me up unusually early. One such dream was about my friend's dad. He gave up his job and started teaching at a local college. I walked into my class to find he was my new professor. I told my friend about it, especially about how differently he behaved in class than at home. Another dream was about flying and mountains, I think because we flew in a small plane recently. However, the most unusual one was about a charming couple that was hell bent on seducing me knowing I was happily married. They even suggested I remain 'open-minded' with regard to my dear husband.

"Oh my Lord," I exclaimed "what exactly are you insinuating? Do I come off as 'that kind of girl' to you?" With that indignant remark, I was startled awake. I could feel my heart racing, as if I were panic stricken by a very stressful situation. I don't know why I was so upset by that situation. Maybe because deep inside my heart somewhere, I am still agitated and disturbed by sexual advances. It makes me feel like prey, locked within the vision of a dangerous predator. Particularly when it involves couples, women, or my husband.
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