Sunday, July 21, 2013

Educational Aspirations

Today Krishna Chandra and I played MyNoteGames before bed, it's a music app for iPad that we found in the educational category. Anyway, we found out that we are terrible contraltos, somewhat better sopranos, and that Krishna Chandra loves Christmas carols and hymns. The boy needs voice lessons, though, to get over his timidness.
Eventually we abandoned the app for YouTube in order to find more Christmas carols with lyrics so he could follow along. His favorite so far is Silent Night. I hope he continues singing; one day he could be a good bhajan singer because he seems to enjoy spiritual or devotional lyrics most.
On another note, I recently registered for two classes and a musicianship class (which is only one credit hour, but whatever). When I tried registering for the history class I had planned, I noticed it was already full. I am considering taking the same online, which will cut some commuting to and fro', but I'm not sure how I would fare in an online class. Perhaps I am a social creature with a need for personal interaction.
Says the woman who would rather email you than text, text than call, and definitely prefers to call than see you in person. If all else fails, and you didn't return my voicemail. Maybe the online course will suit me just fine. And remember, I will not expose the ignorance of the faculty. 
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