Saturday, April 30, 2011

Besame Mucho

We did a version of Besame Mucho in Latin Ensemble many years ago and sometimes I sing this song when I'm in the mood for melancholy love songs... today was such a day. I don't know if you've heard of it but its wonderful and one of my all time favorites. Mariachi Vargas does one, I think this is the version we did or quite possibly Cesaria Evora, don't remember.
Anyhow, when I searched for the title, I found every artist and his dog has a version out so I flipped out (of course, cause most of 'em are crap) Even the Beatles did it in English but it doesn't hold to original sentiment of the piece, plus I think I've heard this version the most... yes I'm a Beatles fan, sue me. I'm pretty sure that Besame Mucho was originally French but I'll have to look that up to confirm.. why am I giving weird side-notes? Oh, I found an instrumental version (marimba) there by someone named Perla de Chiapas--with a name like that you know I had to hear it! Pretty good version and I really enjoyed it though it was kinda short. When I sing it, I like to imagine that I'm singing it to my love the night before our tragic separation, after which we shall never meet each other again. Heheh, maybe in a past life, right?
I'm supposed to be packing our belongings so we can move out. Oh yeah, we're moving again. But no, I'm making lingerie and listening to love songs instead. I'll post pics when I finish the piece and possibly edit that pattern for clarity... but later.
...back to my sad love songs and crochet...
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