Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Crochet Lingerie

I just finished the new project and I guess I’ll go ahead and share the link with the pattern with you here. Warning, don’t click if you have a problem with gratuitous photos of panties or partial-nudity! In fact, just leave this site right now. I did mine in red since I hardly ever crochet anything in red. Plus I can always make it over in white, yellow, natural, etc. if and when I decide to do so later. My latest adventure got me started on an old kick for vintage wear—what I used to rock back in middle and high-school. I’m gonna go old school and start up the stockings and lacy gloves again to add to the garters and so forth. I have a photo of the completed work but you’ll have to request the link, I don’t want to go around showing everyone my panties—I have some decency after all. Can you hear my hysterical laughter over there?

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