Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Reading and more Reading

Tomorrow, I'm going to see the doctor about my back; he'll probably prescribe an anti-inflammatory for it then before you all know it, I'll be as good as new, jumping rope and hopping scotch. :P pppft I've been doing an incredible amount of reading lately, what with the two whole books I'm trying to finish and the side-job crochet experiments. It's been a lil' bit of a strain on the old eyeballs. O_o
Maybe I should just go ahead and get an eye check-up once and for all. God, I'm starting to feel old. Heheh, don't start that 'You're-still-young' garbage. I've started wearing my glasses again to read and use the computer plus I try to take frequent breaks. I hate my glasses, they make me look even older and nerdier than I already feel. Someone please tell me I look like an intellectual bombshell before I spiral into another fit of crocheting table-doilies. My scalp is suffering from a dandruff epidemic, I'll pick up some good herbs from the Indian market once we settle into the new abode. Oh! I have a single gray hair but it's not like I can part my hair on it to prove to you that I am, in fact, getting old. Maybe just photograph it... as evidence.
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