Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Home Sweet Home

So we're almost settled into the new house, we spent this entire morning tying up loose ends at the old place, cleaning mostly. UGH, I hate cleaning, this is how much I hate cleaning... When I came home from India and saw the place in utter destruction ( my husband and his friends took over the place like some kind of Hare Krishna bachelor pad) I opted for a housekeeping service instead of tackling the problem myself. My husband compromised with me and hired my mom to do the heavy work and everyone went home happy. That's how much I hate to clean. I'd rather pay my mom to do it for me. In fact, that's how most my chores got done when I was younger, I just paid someone else to do it for me. I don't dare say cleaning its hard or heavy work.. its mostly a psychological task than any manner of heavy labor. Its just easier to keep a clean house clean than try and clean one hell of a mess at a time-- very overwhelming.
Yesterday, we went to a program at Cosmic Cafe with Srila Guna Grahi Goswami and Sriman Ajamila Prabhu, there was a rockin' bhajan session and dancing ensued. Prabhu got everyone on their toes by demonstrating how "the cowherd girls call 'Krishna, how beautiful You are, Krishna come here.' and so forth with lovely feminine hand gestures. Nobody could help but giggle at how girly he was actin' all "Krishna this and Krishna that." It was humorous and enchanting all at the same time. Tonight there is another program at the temple with The Mayapuris-- you've probably heard of them, right?? I might go... if I feel up for some badass kirtan tonight. We'll see..
I've been trying to relax a bit and take it easy on the old back these past couple days. I'm doing laundry and baking bread to ease my nerves, maybe I'll even watch a movie while folding the clothes then crochet a bit! Doesn't that sound exciting, eh? Oh yeah, my crochet g-string was too long, strange but it's true. Today I'm finishing it up again this time with a certain gauge to more or less "size it" as I go along. Hopefully, this time it will come up a perfect fit... we may still need elastic on the waist though. Bah.
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