Friday, August 13, 2010

Family Fun

Today, Krishna Chandra modeled my crochet mitts on his legs for Chandaneswar Prabhu and me; I wanted prabhu to see how silly he looked with my fingerless mitts on them. Originally, I crocheted mitts to keep my hands, wrists and arms warm in chilly rooms but fingerless so I could still play my violin and grasp things easily. Recently Krishna Chandra has been getting stiffness and pain in his legs at night, this I'm told is a family tradition on both sides of the family, so I let him wear them throughout the night. Amazingly, my son's legs are the same size as my arms so the gloves/mitts fit him perfectly; I think its funny that we're the same size... either he has really big legs or I have really small arms but I'm sure its a little bit of both. His heels fit perfectly into the thumb-hole and his little toes pop out of the top. Its silly so I wanted to share the photos I took this afternoon, it reminds me of the eighties' exercise legwarmers.

While we were having our little photo shoot, Chandaneswar prabhu cooked lunch for us, it was kind of like a little treat after our morning walk and everything. I was too tired to cook anyway, so it was nice to sit and play with Krishna Chandra during this time. He prepared a durum wheat pasta with almond-tahini sauce(rich, I know), salad, avocado basil sauce and it was all incredibly delicious. I'm attaching more photos for you guys to relish the beauty and blessing that is prasadam.

After offering everything to Their Lordships we had our lunch together then Chandaneswar prabhu went to bed. It was an lovely afternoon well-spent with Krishna Chandra, we watched videos of trucks, trucks and oh yeah... more trucks. I took a nap on the couch, the videos just weren't so interesting to me; my husband postulates that there is some kind of 'sleep' maya associated with this particular couch because whomever will lay on it immediately falls asleep. Strange. But I like it. :D

That is basically all I wanted to share for now. I have more photos from earlier this week and last week as well uploaded to the laptop but I haven't shared them as of yet. One is of a fly that met his death in a very interesting and, I think, very auspicious way as well. I will have to tell you the whole story for you guys to fully understand but you'll just have to wait for my next blog post. If you hear faint snickering its because I am. Am I leading you on? Oh hell yeah.
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