Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bad News, Good News

Well, I'll start off by saying that I have some bad news for you guys. I might not be blogging as often as I would like these days but its because I've been preoccupied. The minivan was fixed, we decided against purchasing a new vehicle right now as it is not in our budget. No new car... but its okay because the good news is, I will probably be blogging from a distant location for a few months. My plan is to move to India for a while... about six months... where I will study sewing, music and possibly dance. My niece is a dancer, she says she's willing to take me on as a student. :D
My original plan was to sit around and read all damn day but I realised that I would probably be boring to my in-laws unless I turned up the charm full volume. My next plan was to sit around all damn day chanting Hare Krishna and reading, heh. My husband then told me that in our village of Belpukur we have quite a few talented mrdanga, flute and harmonium players. So it is decided... I will study any or all of these, plus sewing, dance, reading Bengali, and hopefully when I return my Bengali will be fluent. I've been really lazy lately, since my godbrothers left I've had nobody to talk to so I completely stopped practicing my Bengali. It is rather depressing, actually. Krishna Chandra is going to have to learn Bengali as well because only three of his cousins speak fluent English. I'm hoping he will have a lot of fun meeting all of his cousin-brothers and sisters in India, he has so many places to run free and play with the animals. He really loves all kinds of animals.
Today when we went to the lake, Chandaneswar prabhu wanted to throw out some maha-prasad to the birds, ducks and turtles but Krishna Chandra objected, "I don't like the birds, I don't want to feed them, they are going to attack me!" so Chandaneswar prabhu carefully spoke to him, "But the birds are so hungry, they are waiting for you to come and feed them.. they are crying for food." and Krishna Chandra quickly relented, "Oh no! Really? Okay. The birds are so hungry, we must feed them!" He usually responds well to humility and soft-spoken words, you can never order him into something by force. My husband and I were discussing how easily he is melted by emotions, if you appeal to his natural compassion, generosity and sympathy, he will do anything.
In the afternoon, I was going to throw out the leftover rice for the birds and insects when I met with a small kitten on the way. She tried her best to cry out but her voice was parched and so I couldn't hear a sound. Realising she was probably dehydrated, I emptied the pot of rice onto the ground for her and she approached me very reassured and confident that I was her well-wisher. She was very affectionate and appreciative, she made direct eye-contact with me and would rub her head on my hands. When I remembered that Krishna Chandra has been on a kitten binge the past several days, I called him to the window to take a peek at her. Upon seeing the kitten, he flew into a frenzy, "Mommy, I have to touch the kitten, I have to! I have to feed the kitten, can I give her water, can I? Can I, mommy? Can I feed the kitten?" I went in to fetch some water for her and let him out of the house but warned him to be super-duper careful and quiet not to frighten her away. He agreed and proceeded with caution, but still the kitten turned tail and ran under the house as soon as she spotted him. Krishna Chandra was so heartbroken, he tried in vain to lure her back out of the house to the water bowl but she just wouldn't come.
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