Monday, June 28, 2010

Belated Entry

This is the entry I was supposed to publish two weeks ago.. .I forgot to tell you guys that we were in a car accident on Saturday the 12th then a week later my husband was in another car accident on the 20th. We went to the doctor and had him checked out, his x-ray results are due back anyday. We’re all fine now.


Wednesday I went to Whole Earth Provision and bought new sandals, Reefs, after we finished grocery shopping across the street. Krishna Chandra found a toy that he really liked so Chandaneswar prabhu bought it for him, it kept him from throwing a tantrum in the store. Its a spinning wheel with a strip of flint attached to the back which produces sparks when the two rods rub against it. Chandaneswar prabhu calls it a sudarshan cakra whenever Krishna Chandra asks him what it is, then, Krishna Chandra objects saying , "No, its not a chakra, its a sparking wheel!" what a dork.
Krishna Chandra is such a smart-ass.
Bhajans on Friday were cancelled, Ratna Radhika was feeling exhausted, too bad because I was really looking forward to it. We went shopping Saturday after going to the motel, on our way back we had a car accident. A drunk driver was swerving in between lanes and almost passing out inside his car as we passed him. I searched for my cell to call the police and took note of his car and condition. I couldn't find the cell but our exit was nearing and so we took it, leaving the drunk driver far behind. Meanwhile, I saw a huge backup on the East Grand traffic light all the way up to the exit ramp itself, traffic was at a total stop. That’s when I saw the red car coming up behind us,  exiting the highway at unfathomable speed through the rearview mirror. I told my husband, "This guy is going to hit us. He's not stopping, he's going to rear end us, prabhu!" I don’t know what determined me to keep saying it aloud. I hear a loud crash, Krishna Chandra screams his little lungs out and we go smashing straight into the red pick-up truck in front of us. Thankfully, nobody was hurt. Krishna Chandra walked away with only a scratch on his neck from the seatbelt, I have a little aching in my left arm/shoulder and prabhu says he doesn't feel a thing (yet). Thank the Lord that we were in a strong and safe car, otherwise I'm sure this guy would have killed us all. He drove away a couple minutes after impact, I don't know how managed to drive away because he was totally out of his wits and his piece of shit car was disintegrated upon smashing into our van.

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