Friday, June 25, 2010

Stormy Weather

This morning after completing puja, Krishna Chandra, Chandaneswar prabhu and I all hopped into the car for a quick trip to Newflower Farmers Market to shop for groceries and homeopathic medicines. A couple days ago, Krishna Chandra woke up with a fever and vomiting, we were terrified but responded quickly and calmly. We treated him with homeopathic medicines and he was fine after that, no vomiting, no fever, back to his normal chipper self. Realising that we were running low on staple items, we made a shopping list for Krishna Chandra; we wanted to be prepared just in case he got sick again. After we got home, we watched the game and I braided my hair (it has been bothering me so I put it up in a crown) while Krishna Chandra chatted on and on about getting himself a manicure. We planned to go to the store and buy some nail polish remover so I could do white tips for Krishna Chandra's toes but just as I was planning my day, the weather turned! There was loud thunder clapping away and I realised that I couldn't leave the house by foot as I planned. I'm still planning on purchasing my acetone after lunch prasadam, I've done my hair, kajal and now I want to paint alta on my feet (I only wish it were safe for hands, alas, they are synthetic chemicals). I think Venus has got a hold of me today, I feel like playing with beautifying things and such. My son is amusing because he speaks like a girl, he likes make-up like kajal and alta, he wants me to manicure him and paint his toenails! Right now he's playing with my sister's make-up kit she left behind, he likes the blush and brushes.
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