Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Crochet Runner

A while back I realised that I had too many things cluttering my dresser so I got an empty box and determined myself to become more tidy. It was really hard to do but I simply closed my eyes and started chucking things into the box. My husband thinks I’m a hoarder and I might have to agree with him after seeing how much junk I had stored away. I got rid of the clutter but I realised I’ll always keep a few necessary items there (as most people do) forevermore. It also occurred to me that I’m really clumsy and rough which means I ruin almost every nice thing in my house (this is why I tend not to keep nice things in the house) and I don’t want to ruin this dresser.


I already scratched it real good across the table and I felt bad for spoiling its natural charm. Its solid wood inside and out and simply beautiful and I want to make it last so I started to crochet a runner/doily/whatever the hell that thingy is called that decorates and protects the vanity-dresser. I took a photo of it the other day while trying out the macro/super macro feature on the camera.


I think it did a great job getting the detail of the pattern. I found the swatch pattern online and started working a small chain just for fun only to realise that I could make magic happen with this design.

I want the final work to be long enough to run the entire length across the dresser so I can store my jewelry and pins without worry of scratching the finish if I were to drop a heavy piece.

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