Friday, July 3, 2009

Krishna save me

Don't read this post if you have sensitive ears because I'm totally pissed and it comes out in the form of verbal garbage. Instead, feel free to read this, a very nice lecture about the fortitude of Vedic marriage. Go ahead, you're gonna enjoy.

Today, like every other day within the material sphere, is full of misery and struggle for existence. On top of the daily struggle within our lives, we have yet another miserable disaster to deal with. I don't want to talk about it because it is personal in nature but I can tell that it involves very slanderous words and threats. I'm thinking that I'll file a police report in the morning and get it out in the open because if I don't I'll just be inviting more of these kinds of attacks. Sometimes I wonder how people can lie outright and not blink an eyelash while people like me compulsively tell truth in all situations. How is it possible? Why does the Lord create some people with absolutely not one single moral fibre within their bodies? Back stabbers, liars, cheaters, thieves, and other immoralists? And, why is it so goddamn easy to find and target naive idiots like myself for their victims? Krishna, wtf! What did I ever do to deserve such a miserable existence? Tell me Lord, because I've not one goddamn clue... I must have been some shitty person in a past life, really, because I can't imagine what kind of horrible things I must have done to deserve this terrible kind of strife. Everyday, something is happening. Everyday, I'm getting bad news or something is gone horribly f'ing WRONG. I think I must have been a god damn murderer, serial killer or rapist in a past life. I must have accumulated a ton of bad karma and now I'm reaping the horrible results. Since childhood, I've been haunted by all things bad, wrong, evil and persons affiliated with such. I've always been the good obedient girl but I always get punished for others misdeeds. No matter how much I distance myself, it always seems to follow me wherever I go. I can't get away from it, even in my tiny little cottage, I leave everyone alone, mind my own damn business and still-- what happens? Shit happens.
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