Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Spring cleaning

Today, my good husband took time to clean up the backyard, which was in need of grooming. There were remnants of branches and leaves from when Nino trimmed the trees along with miscellaneous trash. Before we moved into this house, there was a group of Mexican bachelors partying and littering the ground with beer bottles and bottle caps along with all sorts of other weird crap. There is a sink and an old kennel which we use to collect leaves in and such. My husband was going around digging up buried "treasure" and throwing it in the rubbish bin when he spotted a snake going in along with the rest of the garbage. He looked like a garter snake to me but because I was not sure I told prabhu not to pull him out. I did an image search for Texas snakes and found this little fellow. He is indeed very similar to the one we saw by whatever little daylight seeped into the garbage bin. We left the trash bin lid open so the snake could crawl out whenever he felt safe to do so... hopefully no racccons try and go through the trash. :(
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