Friday, November 27, 2015

Dream Drama

Today I woke up at three in the morning after a series of strange dreams. I can't recall them but I can assure you they left me with an uneasy feeling. I went to the bathroom to wash my face and use the bathroom. The past couple days my right hand has felt weak and stiff; I noticed a tremble in my ring finger when I play piano so I'm a bit worried but mostly I'm certain it has more to do with my B12 deficiency and is probably nothing serious. When I mentioned to Chandaneswar prabhu that I had a strange dream and my hand was bothering me, he offered to massage it for me. I got some mustard oil and he told me about his weird dream. He first told me that he saw his choto mama (younger maternal uncle) and choto mami (aunt) together even though his uncle passed away a few years ago. In another dream he saw his village, we had moved to Belpukur and were living a simple life among the locals in a mud house. Prabhu's relatives still live in Belpukur or near Mayapur so it is strange we moved into a separate house. Then again, it isn't so strange considering that Chandaneswar prabhu and his mother are estranged. In the dream, we lived near one of Belpukur's temples on the other side of town (I say this as if Belpukur is very big to begin with) and suddenly my mother-in-law shows up with her party of women for matri sanga. In essence, this is a group of gossip-mongers in the guise of religious or pious ladies who gather in someone's home on the pretext of religious ceremonies and discourse. Certainly, Chandaneswar prabhu approves of any spiritual activity, but in this context he was very displeased. He started scolding his mother for showing up with her group of people, for presuming that she could enter our home without our consent or permission, and finally for her general rowdiness. She insisted that she had a right to enter our home whenever she damn well pleased since she's his mom. Chandaneswar countered that she was no mother of his; as far as he was concerned she had a son and four daughters, nothing less, nothing more. At this time the street sweeper or garbage truck rolled by and shook Chandaneswar prabhu from his sleep so I couldn't even find out what happened in this episode of his dream.... and what a spectacle of a dream! Sometimes I wish I could pay admission into other people's dreams because they seem funnier or stranger than my own.
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