Friday, December 18, 2015

An Old Affair

The other day I decided to delete an online account for a website I hadn't used in some time. This got me thinking about other sites that I don't use anymore. I had accounts on several sites... whatever happened to Myspace? Pinterest? Twitter? Lulu? I know I have these and several more that I don't use, so I started with one or two that I haven't or don't intend to use ever again. I'm also unsubscribing from newsletters and e-mail lists one by one. It feels like I'm dumping out my closet of things onto the floor and going, "When the fuck am I ever going to use that again?" Some of the things were actually embarrassing... like why the hell did I get some of these accounts in the first place? The feeling was similar to the nauseating nostalgia mixed shame you experience after seeing an old fling post affair..... long, long after the affair. So that's it.. I'm minimizing my online presence, or refocusing, rather. I'm reviewing each of these sites, and I'm using my closet rule: if I haven't used it in more than six months, or don't plan on using it again.. dump it!
Myspace? Gone.
Yahoo? Gone.
Nextdoor? Gone.
Goodreads? Gone
Soundcloud? Gone
Twitter? Gone
Ravelry? Gone
Lulu? Gone
I'm down to Facebook, Pandora, and Pinterest (there's a few others I haven't used but can't remember at the moment) and I feel lighter. 
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