Thursday, July 3, 2014

Bhakti Yoga and Friends

Yesterday morning I woke up early and planned to attend the morning program. Krishna Chandra had other plans however, and we ended up staying home. He didn't even want to to ride his bike at the park. Increasingly frustrated, I feel asleep after breakfast and ignored him the rest of the morning. I realise that I tend to pout in the corner when I can't get my way. It's also surprising how easily depressive I can be. Though I haven't had any symptoms for several months, I can easily fall back into a weak mentality when I'm stressed. Although I'm the adult, Krishna Chandra has more power and control in the relationship and it can be incredibly annoying. Im still not sure how to tackle this but I'm in a research and development phase. 
After waking up, I whipped up a quick lunch: pasta with vegetables in a tahini-almond sauce. I had more fruit left, so I milked my kefir in hopes of having a healthy snack later. It was around lunch time that I started receiving a dozen messages, texts, emails, etc. almost simultaneously. It was as if everyone wanted my attention at the same time, and it felt good for a minute until it became distracting and a hindrance. Chandaneśwar prabhu arrived home later, we watched the game and were horribly disappointed. In the late afternoon my sisters arrived and we engaged in light conversation. They also wanted some services performed: Palm reading and waxing. I busied myself waxing one sisters legs while Chandaneśwar read the other's palm. By this time it was late, so I invited them to the Yoga center. Maria and Josue wanted to go but Tiffany wanted to stop by the temple gift shop. We parted ways, and Maria joined us at the  yoga center. I took my violin with me so I could accompany Lavanga-latika during bhajans and later Maharaj answered queries. The class went long, and I started to feel sleepy by the soft lull of his voice. 
Friends, family, and well-rounded day of fun and spiritually charging activities was just what I needed. 

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