Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My Friends

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am.
I have great friends.
I have a rewarding life.
I enjoy my work.
I am fulfilled by my service.
I delve deeply with close friends.
I protect the ones I love.
They protect me back.
I am extremely fortunate.

When I am sad, or feeling down, they come forward and hold my hand.
They speak encouraging words of wisdom and determination.
They shake me from my misery.
When I'm sick and need nourishment, they drop by and cook for me.
They rub my tummy, neck, or shoulders.
Whatever hurts. Whatever helps.
I am like a child, and they pamper me with affection.

They pick up groceries, prescriptions, and run errands with me.
They offer to do these things for me when I am frustrated or overwhelmed.
They help me pick out my classes, schedule courses, and even recommend teachers.
I can get a second opinion, and pick their brains when I am confused.
They know me better than I know myself.
They advise me against bad ideas, and encourage me in good decisions.
They better me, and help me better myself.

My friends remember my birthdays and anniversaries, and buy me cool stuff.
No, they shower me with love and thoughtful gifts.
I don't ever have to remind them.
They remind me, and forgive me when I forget.
I get plenty of hugs, kisses, and warm reciprocation.

They reward my good behavior, and scold me when I do something inconsiderate.
They patch things up when I shatter them.
They resolve issues when I'm too frustrated, conflicted, or tired to work it through myself.
They encourage me in my spirituality, and advise me when I am lacking.
They love me when I hate myself.

They do these things because they know I will reciprocate.
They know I would do this much for them, and even more.
This is how I show my love of Godhead, it is my devotional service.
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