Sunday, December 29, 2013

Catching Up

My Christmas and holiday break has been pretty good so far. My relatives visited throughout Christmas and my nephew slept over. I spent a lot more time practing violin and sewing holiday projects. Recently a got a job for two bead bags and two book bags for two devotee brothers. Unfortunately, Krishna Chandra got really sick, I lost a lot of sleep, and was delayed for two days. Today I finally caught a break and managed a couple hours of productive sewing sessions. I forgot to photograph the Japa mala bags, one of which is linen. It looks incredibly stylish and so chic, I'm thinking about making a linen mala bag for myself and Chandaneśwar prabhu. I still have another request for another devotee; he wants drawstring bags, and a bead bag as well. I am also stitching up a quickie quilt for a relative, and eventually I hope to get around to some dresses, blouses, and skirts for myself. Above all else, I meditate on outfits for my lordships. I have plenty of material; I just need patience, determination, and enthusiasm. 😊
This morning I had the pleasure of accompanying Prajapati prabhu; we performed Away In A Manger and What Child Is This during the church service. I met some lovely congregation members, enjoyed the pastor's sermon, and was delighted that everyone enjoyed our musical offering. Juanita has a favorite hymn that I'd like to play for her pleasure. Hopefully we can do it soon.

Jay Sri Sri Guru Gouranga!
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