Monday, April 2, 2012

Simply Sewing

Today is Ekadasi (well it is in my neck of the woods) and while normally I dedicate myself to chanting a bunch of rounds or reading several chapters of devotional literature, today I opted to do a ton of sewing. There isn't much of note to mention but I'll mention the items anyway. I found a red choli blouse I cut ages ago and decided to finish it today, I just have to add the hook and eye closures.. Unfortunately, it's not exactly my size anymore and so I'll sell it at my next yard sale, hopefully. I have a petticoat that has been waiting to be completed for about a month, it was an alternation project for my sister and I'll get to that next.  I'm thinking about making a dress for an event next month, some pants and couple more blouses. I finished a top in gauze last week and I'm altering a gored skirt to accommodate my shape better. I found out I look terrible in pleated gored skirts, maybe I'm not wearing the proper blouse with it to compliment my figure. Or maybe I've gained too much weight to rock the pleated or shaped skirts anymore. :)
We had a meeting at the gurukul today wherein the teachers and principal made a presentation for the future of the school. I'll provide a link here for anyone who is interested in a Krishna Conscious centered education within an urban setting with a closely-knit congregation and accredited, qualified and caring teachers.
The school, TKG Academy in Dallas, is on the same block as Kalachandji's Restaurant and Palace, the only vegetarian school in Dallas, open and friendly to other denominations and non-denominational families and features a low student to teacher ratio-- you know your child will get the focused attention he needs. We seriously considered homeschooling Krishna Chandra for the longest time and did, successfully, as you all know. He's a wonderful reader, builder and designer of wooden block villages, Lego afficionado etc. but as he grew older and more energetic, I found it hard to focus my attention in a productive way. Luckily, I had a lot of help from my sister during that intense growth period and plenty of devotional literature to keep us both satisfied. Today, Krishna Chandra is cultivating both his spiritual and academic pursuits in a safe and caring environment; he loves his teachers, learning and his new friends at school. I couldn't be happier with him either.
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