Friday, March 30, 2012

It's not you, it's me.

Something simply hilarious occurred to me today. I deactivated my Facebook account because I wanted more privacy and I get carried away and spend too much time there. Well, I've been deleting 'friends' as a routine 'friend-check'. A few months ago, I almost told someone, "It's not you, it's me." when she asked me why I deleted her. It sounded like I was breaking up with I stopped myself and gave her an explanation; she wasn't mad, in fact, she laughed it off and we talked about facebooking, culture etc. This kept happening, I'd delete acquaintances, vamp up my security settings and fall back into the Facebook trap. Eventually people would ask me why I deleted them, we'd catch up offline, I'd them as friends online again, we'd distance ourselves again and I'd delete them again. It was stupid. I knew it wasn't their fault, it's was my fault. The deactivation is temporary (at least, that's what I told Facebook, shh) but it's okay if you pass this message along. Tell that no-good, opportunistic bastard that I said, "It's not you, it's me."
Today, Krishna Chandra went telling someone our weekend plans to watch some karmi movies... my husband told me that we have to teach him how to keep his big, fat trap shut. I said that, not Chandaneswar. I realised that it doesn't matter if I have Facebook or not because Krishna Chandra will never learn to control his tongue. He'll go around telling everyone our personal information and yakking all over town about what movies we're gonna watch at the drive-in and what snacks we're gonna eat while we're there. If someone wanted to spy on us, all he'd have to do is coax Krishna Chandra into talking with some maha cookies or cake. Simple. I think most kids are like that, they don't shut their mouth and they air all of their parents dirty laundry publicly. Thankfully, Chandaneswar and I don't have any actual dirty laundry or secrets. The worst of our secrets being that we drink coffee on the rare occasion, if I have a migraine or something. Oooohhh. Big whoop. 
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