Sunday, May 10, 2009

Abortion and Rape

This is quoted from Corey Cananza's Myspace blog, I have copied the text exactly verbatim for everyone here to read. You can also read Corey's Blogspot blog
May 9, 2009 - Saturday

We will be beginning today to address a number of social and cultural topics. The first topic will be abortion. To start off, let us say that abortion has been one of the greatest Holocausts of the past half century, and has resulted in the brutal murder of millions and millions of unborn babies in the womb. This is directly a result of the women's liberation movement, or feminism. If feminists claim to be fighting for the good of society, for "equal rights", then how can they support such genocide as this? The blood of all of these murdered babies directly rests on the dirty hands of these feminists, or femnazis, as I like to call them. What in the hell makes these vicious women think that they have the right to commit murder?

Basically, if you cannot handle the responsibility of raising children, then you have no business having sex. Sex is meant for procreation.

The only real arguement that the feminists and pro-choice people put forward is, "Well, what if a woman gets raped? Shouldn't she be allowed abortion as a choice?".

Only in rare cases, when it is proven that a woman has actually been raped WITHOUT CONSENT, then could abortion be considered as an option. Maybe if modern women didn't walk around in public half-nude, wearing a miniskirt, and drunk, then they wouldn't have to worry so much about getting raped. If women actually behaved in a chaste way, then naturally the chances of rape would be reduced dramatically. How can women behave like prostitutes and expect to not get raped? For example, in a muslim country, women cover their full body and head. Rape is also a much less common incident in such a conservative society. Of course, on hearing this, some women will scream "Oh God, this is so sexist and misogynistic!" But my question is, which is better? To be a "sexist" or to be a murderer (by murdering your unborn children)?

This is a matter of simple logic. It doesn't take a genuis to figure this out.

And another reason why abortion is stupid is because the psychology of women is such that unless they have children, they remain unsatisfied, much like a barren field. It is the natural role of women to be mothers, and to deny this is to deny their most basic instincts. The female body is designed to produce children, and to raise children. The nature of women is such that unless they give birth to children, they will feel unfulfilled and unhappy.

Tomorow's topic? Yet to be decided.

Wonderful! I love this enthusiasm, I have just two questions. Corey, you mention that abortion is a direct result of the feminist/women's liberation movement but factually this is not true. What about the thousands of forced secret abortions preformed by Catholic priests? There have been many cases like this, a young girl gets pregnant by some boy or raped, then her parents take her to the local Catholic priest who will then insert a sharp object into her womb to remove the fetus. My own mother told me this was common in poor Latin counties. Nowadays, you don't have to visit the church to get your abortion is true, you can stop by a fancy office building with fresh flowers, magazines, and pretty paintings, where you can do it-- it's called OBGYN. It is not true that abortion is a byproduct of modern western culture, the fact is that abortion has been around for hundreds of years. You also mentioned that rape would be less common is women would dress and behave in a chaste manner, this is also not true. To say that most women get raped because they dress in revealing clothes and "walk around drunk" is just fanaticism and truly ignorant. I wonder then, if Muslim counties have so much stricture on women's dress codes, why then are there so many rapes in these countries as well? There are hundreds of women and young girls who are raped on a daily basis, and in counties like Pakistan these rapes are often perpertrated by military and priests and defended by the law. It is no secret that fanatical Arab Muslims can not resist the opportunity to beat and rape women-- Muslim and Western, for not wearing a veil or "because her brother is an adulterer". What about the Muslim priests who abuse and rape young girls just for fun? Is this okay too, is that demoniac behaviour alright? And, what happens if she speaks up to the authorities about being raped? She will get beaten for engaging in "adultery" and she is only victimized again by the government and law. In your blog, you go on and on talking about how you were "misguided" by religious extremists within ISKCON and that you didn't mean to say those horrible things but the fact is that you are still sticking to those statements. So, either you take accountability for your statements or admit your wrong-doing but you can't have it both ways. You can't say you were misguided and brain-washed and keep saying this nonsense and then expect everyone to forgive you and say, "Oh it's okay, he was being brainwashed. Poor, poor, Corey. He's a victim afterall." No one in his right mind would say the things you do just because, "someone told me to" there is a limit to stupidity, you have to take responsibility for your actions and use your intelligence- that is if you have any.

There are some links you might want to read, rape by the hands of Muslims is not very rare within the Muslim counties or in the West.
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